The Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association

Invites All Garden Enthusiasts to

Saturday, April 6, 2002
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School
Palmer, Massachusetts

To get a registration form for the symposium call Betty Ann Taylor at 413-589-0203 or write to her at:

Betty Ann Taylor
259 West Street
Ludlow, MA  01056

Registration closes March 22, 2002. No registrations at the door!


8:30 AM            Sign-in/Registration at Door - coffee & pastries for sale by students

9:00 - 10:15                   CHOOSE ONE

A. Roses - This class will give you all the information you need to be a successful rose grower and will cover planting, pruning and care, selecting varieties, siting roses, both climbing and shrub in the garden, choosing vines, perennials and annuals to grow with roses.  Slides will be shown of a rose garden featuring many different varieties.

Presenter:  Nina Newington, rose expert and garden designer

B. Water Gardening - How to choose water plants, where to place your water garden, and how to maintain the water garden are some topics that will be covered.  A must for anyone thinking of putting a water garden in or maintaining one you have.

Presenter:  Sharon Chapley, co-owner of Chapley Gardens

C. Perennials  - Although basic perennials will be covered, there will also be examples of other perennials you will want       to consider for your garden. How to keep your perennials happy and strong will be covered as well.

Presenter:  Pat Steele-Perkins, Master Gardener

D.  Soil in the Garden - The importance of good soil can never be overstated.  Work you do on your soil will pay off for years to come so learn what makes good soil and how you can have it in your garden.  Amateur and veteran gardeners will learn something in this class.                          

Presenter:  Dan Ziomek

E. Butterfly Gardens - Who wouldn't love to attract these beautiful "flowers with wings" into your garden!   Come learn how to attract them and keep them there.  Our expert has an extensive background in this field and can answer all your questions.

Presenter:  George Kingston, Master Gardener

F. Starting Plants from Seeds - Come learn how easy it is to get the exact plant you want from seed.  Need a bunch of plants to start a garden?  Learn how to start annuals, perennials, herbs and some vegetables early.  It's easier than you think!

Presenter:  Lisa Dill, Master Gardener

G. Container Gardening -  Containers can hold anything from a vegetable garden to exotics.  This class will give you ideas on ways to make your containers creative and beautiful.  You will also learn the proper way to set up a container and how to maintain it properly.  Slides will give you samples you can follow at home.

Presenter:  Sandra Clark, Garden Expert

H. Three Seasons of Color - This class will show you ways to keep your garden beautiful in three seasons using bulbs, annuals and perennials. Your garden won't suffer from the August doldrums after you follow these steps!

Presenter:  Debbie Windolowski from Zone 5 Gardening

10:15 - 10:45    Break, coffee and pastries for sale by students.  Visit our hallway and cafeteria tables to get all your questions answered and learn about Master Gardeners.

10:45 -12:00                     CHOOSE ONE

I. Cottage Gardens - This workshop will cover classic ingredients, adaptions to our climate, and suggestions on how to create your own cottage garden.  Learn how to take all the flowers you love and make them into a cottage garden of your own.

Presenter:  Nina Newington, rose expert and garden designer

J. Herb Gardens - Grow the herbs you want for your home and culinary use.  Get tips on how to start an herb garden and keep it flourishing.  Covered will be conditions needed for herbs, how to grow and how to harvest.

Presenter:  Judy Anderson, Master Garden and herbalist

K. Shrub and Tree Pruning - Learn the basics of good pruning.  Have old shrubs that need to be brought back?  Come learn how.   Correct pruning is a necessity to health bushes and trees and the accurate way to prune is an important skill to learn.

Presenter:  Ken Gooch, Arborist for the Dept. of Environmental Management

L. Flower Arranging - Many items in your yard and kitchen can be used for arranging as well as flowers from your garden.  Learn the basics and see how easy it is to do special things for your home or for a gift.  Our presenter knows all the secrets you will need to be successful.

Presenter:  Pearl Edwards, Floral Designer

M. Wildflowers  - Wildflowers are an important addition to any garden.  Learn how to grow them and care for them.    Our presenter is a wildflower expert who will bringing slides to help you identify wildflower and give you tips on raising some in your own garden.

Presenter:  Connie Parks, Wildflower Expert

N. Bees and Other Pollinators - Come learn how important pollinators are to your garden and find out what you can to do attract them.   Find out about the many types of pollinators there are and how they can make your garden more successful.   Without pollinators, none of us would have a garden!

Presenter:  Dan Conlon, Bee Keeper

O. Tasks in the Garden - Basic tasks every gardener needs to know how to do will be covered in this workshop.  Learn when and how to stake, divide your plants, deadhead them and more.  These necessary tasks will keep your garden looking its best and will promote beauty and health in the garden.

Presenter:  Duncan McQueen, Master Gardener

P. Hostas  - Hosta care will be covered in every detail.  Learn how to care for your plants, how and when to divide, what they require for optimum sound plants.  There are many sizes of hostas so come find a good addition for your garden!

Presenter:  Nancy Brown, Master Gardener and hosta expert

12:00 - 1:15 - Luncheon Buffet for sale by students, free soil testing (ph) available plus tables manned by Master Gardeners with answers to all your questions.

1:15 - 2:30                     CHOOSE ONE

Q. Cottage Gardens - A second class for those who couldn't make the first.  See above for class description.

Presenter:  Nina Newington, rose expert and garden designer

R. Ornamental Grasses - An important addition to any garden.  Learn how to use them in your landscaping, how to care for them and what kind will be best for your situation.  Great slides will illustrate the many grasses available to you.

Presenter:  Christopher Hurn, Master Gardener

S. Vegetables 201, Tricks of the Trade - A sharing of useful ideas, helpful hints, and practical approaches to make your veggie garden more productive.  This class will be useful to both the beginner and the veteran gardener.

Presenter:  Marjorie Anderson, Master Gardener

T. Shrubs in the Garden - Don't limit shrubs to foundation plants, use them in your flower beds to enhance your garden.  You will learn where to put shrubs, how to care for them and what you need to know before planting.

Presenter:  Kent Trombly, Master Gardener

U. Did they have Chemlawn in Paradise?- Learn to garden successfully without chemicals.  Topics covered will include soil, plants, pest control and disease control.  Organic gardening is easier than you think and important for all of us to know about.  Lots of tips will be given on how to get started or how to maintain what you have.

Presenter: Renate Oliver, Master Gardener

V. Cutting Edge Annuals with a Tropical Twist - The staple in your garden that will give you color all summer.  Learn the best ways to care for them and how to effectively use them in your garden

Presenter:  Maureen Daury-Corcoran, Master Gardener

W. Tools for the Gardener - This class will cover what tools to use where and how to care for them.  You will learn about different tools to use for different chores in order to make your garden work easier.  This class will include tools for pruning shrubs and small trees.

Presenter: Heather Cupo

X. Daylilies - Daylilies is one of the basic plants for any garden.  Come learn how to care for them.  Included in the talk will be soil requirements, dividing, watering and plenty of slides to show you examples of daylilies available for your garden.

Presenter:  George Doorakian, daylily hybridizer and judge for 2002 Boston Flower Show

Share, Swap and Save: Do you have plants you would like to share? Are you looking for a garden tool or ornament? Be sure to check out the SHARE AND SWAP table to connect with a gardener who has what you're looking for or wants what you want to give away!

New this year!! Bring your gardening questions and you'll find an answer at this year's symposium. Master Gardeners will be available at all times during the symposium to help you with any problem or question you have. Tables will be set up throughout the school manned by experts who are eager and ready to help. Don't forget to bring a soil sample of your garden. Ph testing will be done on site and assistance will be given to get your garden ready for spring.

To get a registration form for the symposium call Betty Ann Taylor at 413-589-0203 or write to her at:

Betty Ann Taylor
259 West Street
Ludlow, MA  01056