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Do you need a speaker?

As a non-profit organization the WMMGA serves the community through educational programs and seminars, phone and e-mail gardening hot-lines, soil testing clinics,  demonstration gardens, native plant restoration, and participation in local community activities. Master Gardeners are available to give workshops, presentations and demonstrations to community, school, and civic groups.

As members of a volunteer, non-profit organization, Master Gardeners do not accept fees for their presentations.  However, the association gratefully accepts contributions to help cover our expenses and to make possible further efforts for the gardening public.

Master gardeners have worked with community groups including civic groups, library associations, garden clubs, senior citizen organizations, lower and upper school classes, youth groups and many others.

May we work with your group too?

Some of our more popular programs:

- Herb Gardening for all the senses.

- Annuals, Biennials and Perennials???

- Victorious Vegetable Gardens

- Lawn care 101

- Superior Tree Planting, Selection and Care

- Where to begin? Garden Design Basics and Plans

- Soil and Composting: the real dirt

- Wildflower Gardening

- Plant Invaders

- You can control garden pests and eliminate problems

- Successful seed starting

- Gardening in Small places

- Making beautiful flower arrangements

- Gardening for the birds and butterflies

If you don’t see a program listed that meets your needs, call to see if one can be created for your group.

For more information or to book a program, call us at 413-467-9062
or e-mail  us with the words "WMMGA Speaker" in the subject line.