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Events listed on this page are open to members of the Western Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association ONLY!

WMMGA Annual Meeting Saturday, January 21, 11 am at Berkshire Botanical Garden. There will be a potluck. Details to follow.

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Learn Powerpoint!

Bill Brunelle, has created a web site to get you started on learning how to use Powerpoint to create and give talks. Check out http://wmmga.tripod.com/

Volunteer Opportunities

E-Mail Hotline - Volunteers always needed to answer e-mail questions. It's easy and fun! Contact Bruce Aune at
413-367-9347 or e-mail aune@philos.umas.edu  . Frequently asked questions with answers and quick links to frequently used resources are now available on-line at http://www.wmassmastergardeners.org/faq.htm

Write an article for the web site - for more information read How To Write An Article For The Web Site.

Call in Hotline: During the months of Nov-March we answer the phone remotely, checking for messages and returning phone calls. (Any long distance charges are reimbursed by saving your phone bill and sending a request form to the treasurer) Contact Nancy Flach at 258-4223.

Hotline Co-coordinator: Assist Nancy Flach in the details of keeping the Hotline running.

We need a few good plants: WMMGA Hampden County is working with Wisteriahurst museum in Holyoke to restore their 1914 era gardens. If you are dividing perennials this spring and have extras, contact John Hurley. For a list of plants they are looking for click here. Note, early 20th century varieties are preferred, but more recent varieties can also be used!

Tree House Housing Concept in Easthampton. Tree House Housing is a soon to be built intergenerational low income housing complex that house families with foster children and seniors. The concept is that the seniors will act a surrogate grandparents to the children in the units. Volunteer needed to help Hope Guardenier, noted specialist in teaching children about gardening. There will be space at the Tree House for children's gardens and a great opportunity to educate these children about healthy gardens, families and communities. For more information, Call Ellen Goodwin at 549-1126 or Hope Guardenier at 657-0000.

Garden work:

BBG vegetable garden: Help the Master Gardeners maintain the garden. Contact Susan Pittman 229-8159

The Welcome Garden: a community garden is seeking volunteers to assist new
gardeners in all aspects of planting, and organic approaches. Contact Kathleen Lovell. 567-3089.

The Heirloom garden in Deerfield: garden maintenance Contact Nancy Howell 259-1203

Durfee: Contact Sandy Brown 863-8243

Hampshire County Demonstration Garden: Contact Pam Parsons 584-5024

Speakers Bureau: Rayna Castro 413-592-2864 or rcrcdg@aol.com  is always in need of speakers on garden topics. Please provide her with topic (s) you can share, time of day available, and day (s) available. She will set you up with one of the many community groups who contact us for a speaker.

Web Site: The web site is in need of monthly articles on various gardening topics. As of this letter Nov. 2003 was still open. Contact Rae Davis at 625-0168 or margaretraedavis@msn.com

Lifecare Center Memorial Garden - Contact Dave St. Armand 783-6758


The WMMGA needs one or more carousel projectors (Kodak or compatible) and empty slide carousels. Contact your county rep if you have something to donate.

County Meetings: see The Grapevine

Other Events of Interest: see The Grapevine

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