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Pruning Damaged Trees and Shrubs
Putting My Roses to Bed

Basic Gardening Topics


The Joy of Composting
Get Your Soil Tested
How To Read a Seed Catalog
Caring for Young Trees
Watering Your Lawn and Gardens
The What, When, Why and How of Mulching
Accessible Gardening
Become an Enabled Gardener
Gifts for Gardeners
What's In A Name?
Planting Trees for the Future
Forcing Shrub Blooms
Bee Considerations
Protecting Our Native Pollinators
There's an App for That ... Garden App That Is
Pruning Damaged Trees and Shrubs
Sheet Mulching to Create Raised Beds

Gardening Through the Seasons

Beginning the Gardening Year
Springtime in the Winter - A Journey Through Seed Catalogs
Garden Catalogs
Seed Starting
Starting Seeds in Winter, Outside
Winter Antidote, Planting Seeds in February
Sticky Green Leaves
Rethinking Your Garden for Spring
Planning and Planting Your Kitchen Garden

Gardening in August
Next Summer is a New Summer
Fall Planting
Fall Garden Wrap-up
Putting the Garden to Bed
Bringing the Houseplants Inside for the Winter
It's Never Too Late to Plant Spring Bulbs
Winterizing the Landscape

Gift Plants
The Garden in Winter
Chasing Away the Winter Doldrums

Weeds and Pests

Outwitting the Weeds
Declare Independence From Weeds
Invasive Plants
Did You Know This About Insects?
What's Bugging My Houseplants?
Lily Leaf Beetle: The Red Menace

Monitoring Your Garden

Dealing with Wildlife Pests
Hostas and Voles
Integrated Pest Management for the Homeowner

Powdery Mildew

Gardening and Health

Yoga in the Garden
The Colors of Summer: Gardening and Nutrition
Cooking with Herbs
Cooking with Herbs Part II
Medicinal Plants in the Lyman Conservatory at Smith College

Specific Plants

Amaryllis 1
Amaryllis 2
Asters: Stars of the Fall Border
Chrysanthemum Culture
How to Classify Chrysanthemums
Searching for the Right Daylily

Promise for Fall: Gentiana andrewsii
Ornamental Grasses
Behold the Holly
Hydrangeas in Western Massachusetts
Hydrangeas: Meet Annabelle
The Iris In All Her Glory
Japanese Iris
Reblooming Iris
Jade Plants

Looking at and Liking Lichens
Roses From the North
Putting My Roses to Bed
Wildflowers - The Camas Lily
Wildflowers - Bring on the Natives

Landscaping & Special Gardens

Planting A Slope: Tips and Plant Suggestions
Container Gardening
Darwin in the Garden - Dealing with Drought
Xeriscaping, Using Water Wisely
A Gardening Challenge

Adventures in Water Gardening
Gardening for the Birds
Gardening for the Butterflies
Butterfly Gardening
Attracting Wildlife: Underused Native Shrubs for the Landscape
A Cat Green Garden
Pizzazz in the Winter Garden
How Are Your Bones

Woodland Gardens
My Chocolate Garden
Small Trees for the Yard

Vegetables and Herbs

Planning and Planting Your Kitchen Garden
Less Common Vegetables
A Tale of Two Potatoes
The Colors of Summer: Gardening and Nutrition

Sweet, Sweet Basil


A Healthy Lawn Begins Now

Gardening Indoors

Forcing Bulbs 1
Holiday and Gift Plants

Care of Holiday Plants
Make a Holiday Arrangement
Holiday Decorations from the Garden
Sprucing Up Your Houseplants
Bringing in Your Houseplants
Creating a Nurturing Environment for Your Houseplants
Keeping Hope Alive - Lighting for Houseplants
Christmas Trees

Gift Plants
Forcing Bulbs 2
Winter Gathering for Terrariums or Berry Bowls

Special Places

Durfee Conservatory
The New England Small Farm Institute

The Talcott Greenhouse at Mt. Holyoke College
The Botanic Garden at Smith College
Stanley Park, Westfield
Nuestras Raices - Holyoke: A Unique Agricultural Community
Garden In The Woods - Framingham